Isla CPA Condado

Isla CPA Condado is focused on providing accounting services focused on the needs of Condado.  Condado is the famed melting pot of Puerto Rico where the States and the island come together.  It is a neighborhood for big business as well as entrepreneurs, a neighborhood for locals as well as expats, leisure time as well as for those on the go.

Isla CPA Condado offers a full array of service including

San Juan Office Location 
Isla CPA
601 Miramar Ave.
Suite 5-A 
San Juan, PR 00907

Quick Contact 
ph: 939-717-8591 
fax: 787-724-3992 

Isla CPA is located at the corner of Calle Miramar and Avenida Ponce de Leon.  Calle Miramar is the last traffic light on Ponce De Leon before the Dos Hermanos Bridge to Condado and Old San Juan.